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Nehalem Bay Community Services are located in the Nehalem Bay United Methodist Church. Caring for the community has always been integral to the mission of the church and are an expression of God’s love. All services are “no strings attached.” No proselytizing. Services are located in the lower level of the church, 

36050 10th St, Nehalem, OR 97131, USA.

Food Box
Food Box

Food Pantry

Food Pantry carries food (fresh, canned, frozen and dried), as well as hygiene and cleaning products. 

Hours:​ Mondays, Fridays & Saturdays 10 am to 2 pm 
Wednesdays 2 to 6 pm 

Clothing Bank carries donated clothing for both adults and children including socks and underwear (new), shoes, boots, and coats.

Hours:​ See Food Bank above

Animal Haven Pet-foods bank to help feed and care for pets (primarily dogs and cats but occasionally we have food for birds and hamsters.)

Hours:​ See Food Bank above

Salad Meal

Senior Lunches

Nehalem Senior Lunches provides lunch for people to dine in-house for community and conversation, pick up, or delivery to home-bound folks. Request $5 donation per meal. 

Hours:​ Tuesdays/Thursdays noon to 1
(Call the church office at (503) 368-5612 to order pick up or request delivery)

Salad Meal
Unwrapping Gift Box


CHILD is a program where every autumn, school children in Nehalem get a backpack for the start of the school year that contains basic school supplies for their grade level, plus a brand new outfit (including a warm coat, pants, top, sox, underwear and shoes) plus a bathing suit and towel if requested, to support our kids in learning to swim. 

At Christmastime, each child will get something on their wish list, plus clothes and a warm coat (if they didn’t get one in August). Parents need to register their child for both of these things. Registration forms are available at the church or school offices within our service area.

All of the above programs are supported solely by financial gifts from the community, goods from the Oregon Food Bank, and other donors. If you would like to support this work, please send a check to the Nehalem Bay United Methodist Church and designate which social service you wish to support. 100% will go to that program.


 provides lunches for school kids during the summer and in the school year during school holidays. Call the church or order through the school district.

Lunch Bags
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